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Short And Vague Recap

So all of the wedding stuff is done and by that I mean the running around, panicing, and other the-sky-is-falling type behavior commonly expected before a wedding. Yoon and I were actually home for most of yesterday but we needed rest more than almost anything. I needed a little detox as well given the amount of cheap beer that I've drank over the past week or two. The ceremony itself was really wonderful and went really smoothly for being both bilingual (English and Korean) and the pastor's first marriage in English ever. The rehearsal was a different matter and I ended up getting pretty cranky during it much to the dismay of many observing. It's funny how something can often be that much smoother when performed in front of 200+ people than it was with 15 or so in attendance at the rehearsal. I can't think of a succinct way to express how well it went but it seemed like magic. It's probably best left at that. The reception was also at the church and, because it's the rule, it rained so the whole thing had to be moved back inside at top speed which I didn't catch much of because we had to pose for a few thousand pictures while that was going on. Things become a little blurry in retrospect. The post reception reception was also amazing and was a much needed respite after so many very quick conversations with people I haven't seen in ages before being hustled off for photos or whatever. If you're easily driven crazy by stuff like that I highly recommend a less formal party after the main reception. It gave me the chance to actually talk to people and to stop hyper ventilating. There is so much more to this but I'd rather leave it short and vague here for the obvious reasons.

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