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Immortality It Ain’t

It was my birthday this past week and being in the middle of all sorts of school bullshit I didn't have time to do anything until this weekend. This mainly means eating a whole lot of food which this year was two kinds of barbecue -- Korean and dirty South style. Several friends also made very funny cards for me and bought me a very nice bread machine. I'm running the first batch of plain ole white bread in it right now. It's probably going to a disaster but the kneading cycles have made the kitten very nervous so that alone is amusing. I kind of forgot about the whole high altitude complication involved in baking things here. I'll probably sample and then pitch. It's been a pretty relaxing weekend. Thirty two seems much less painful when you're full of ribs.

The real question, though, is how to handle string operations in Java in the console. Is there a simple way to do this than the new BufferedReader blah blah blah clusterfuck? I know that the overlords of the standard would like to pretend that the console doesn't exist or that you don't deserve to handle input until you've invested your ass into one of their toolkits and doing anything from the console is almost supposed to a pain in the ass. Is there an easier way? I know some folks who stop by here are pretty Java savvy so I'm depending on the ultra-lazy web and hoping you'll give me a clue to some magical shortcut or library that I don't know about.

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