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Excessive Absences

I'm experimenting with writing something fairly large in PHP instead of falling back on Python which is the usual default. This kills a whole flock of birds with a single stone because it allows me to do a little language expansion which is much easier than it sounds due to the simplicity of PHP, work on a big project, and reuse some of that effort to refactor an old project that I let fizzle out a while back after I started digging a little too far into Zope for my own sanity although that process made me respect the work that Plone has done immensely. This is all good for everything except time to rest. I'm still working on that sleep thing.

I also made the Movable Type to WordPress conversion for the Midcentury site. For some reason it was more complicated than the one that I made here which is hilarious since I had about 1100 more posts to import and whatnot. I really do wish that the default stylesheet was a little more readable.

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