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Can You Draw Tippy The Turtle?

Kenneth Hunt pointed out this Fortune article that raises a pretty obvious point for most of us who labor in the technology trenches: filling an office full of freshly minted MBAs is not a bandaid solution for either problem solving or fundamentally flawed business plans.

I can't blame anyone for enrolling in these kinds of programs which have experienced the kind of explosion of interest that say computer science had in the 1990's. But like anything else commonly pointed to as a common "get rich quick" educational path the saturation point will eventually be reached. Employers are just as much to blame as anyone else for thinking that loading any given business full of generalists is some kind of magical solution. The frustrating part is that I write this while enrolled in an undergraduate liberal arts program housed in a college that is basically on the way to eliminating anything that isn't an extension of the business school. Genius plan, no?

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