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I took a break from studying for an exam that, due to the unfortunate pace of summer courses, is happening on the second week of classes to do a little bit of catching up. Bloglines seems about ready to break down again and I expect the plumber we all dread to see rearing his ugly head any time now so I actually visited most of the sites that I aggregate for a change. I hate to say it because I think Bloglines is a really great service but I almost relish the times when it goes down or is taken down. It seems like nearly every time this happens one of the sites I read regularly has changed design or strapped on some doo dad invisible to the aggregator. I like that.

The first place that I often visit is Note To Myself and Bob has an excellent and soundly reasoned summary of his feelings about the institution of marriage. This, of course, hits close to home since I number among the married by the wide margin of a week and it is a subject that I've thought a lot about in the context of the demonization of gay marriage (and in the typically contradictory fashion I've learned to appreciate as low comedy from the right, a condemnation of that states rights argument that is conveniently forgotten whenever issues that are important to real people are called into question) being so hotly debated. I really appreciate Bob's take on these issues because you can tell he's invested a lot of thought in them before he opens his mouth about them. This is something I could do well to learn by example because although advocating painful death for those who oppose me might occasionally be fun to grind through an emacs session the catharsis is less, uh, cathartic all the time. Then there is common sense:

It's an intriguing idea, that gay and lesbian relationships could present a different way of thinking about marriage, offering some new ideas and, shock of shocks, models for dealing with our mates. When I see the froth that folks get into trying to "beat back the heathen hordes", I have to admit wondering if the institution is really all it's cracked up to be. Sort of an echo of that old Groucho Marx joke about not wanting to belong to any club that would have me as a member, only it's not wanting to be part of an institution that engages in such ugly behaviour in the name of self-preservation. The question becomes what exactly is it preserving? And why? Of course, for me these are rhetorical questions. Just because I don't agree with what a bunch of closed-off zealots are trying to do "in the name of marriage", that doesn't mean I'm going to stop being married myself. In much the same way that I've asked how allowing gays to marry in any way affects my relationship with my wife, the same could be asked of the actions of these folks. I'm sure they believe in what they're doing, but I've yet to hear any real reason that sways me.

Then again, I've heard some pretty convincing arguments for using both barrels whenever possible lately in addition to that.

Somewhat related (and hats off to Anil Dash for the pointer to this post) is something which I directly relate to: Loving Day which celebrates the legalization of interracial marriages in the U.S (linked by Alaina) and seeks to relate this issue to that of gay marriage. It seems more than appropriate to me. I guess as one freshly confirmed in the eyes of the law as a legal race mixing traitor to the white race I ought to know more about these things. Yoon and I were talking about this earlier and decided since the vast majority of our friends are also race mixing traitors to the (insert one of many here) race we should probably have a barbecue or something. That would be a nice holiday tradition to replace the meaningless or offensive ones that we're continually confronted with.

Oh, and just so you know, plog is this months secret code word for "punch my buzzword loving ass until I bloodily lose the capacity for speech" so give the needy what they want and so richly deserve. If they win we all win.

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  1. Every day I hold my breath when I start Bloglines that it’ll either be permanently off line or that he’ll will want some unaffordable amount of money to use the service. On the other hand, I see that your new RSS URL (due to change in software, probably) somehow made the transition to Bloglines seamlessly.

  2. Actually I just stuck an Apache redirect as the name of the old Movable Type feed. I didn’t think it was going to work but nothing seems broken. It always amazes me when the first try at kludging something actually works.

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