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Static Age

Lucky us. Photo Matt hacked up a version of the Staticize Plugin that fits WordPress better. I'm giving it a shot fulltime for the moment with future plans to leave it disabled for the most part. I'm thinking that it will be more handy for me to use when the server is stressed by a link in from one of those content farms everyone knows and loves. I'm going to mess with it a little bit and monitor the results since it was formulated to have more mercy on the database than anything else. The idea of being able to make the site static when necessary is more than enough motivation though. This would be helpful in terms of using WordPress for more than just weblogging software.

A Little Later That Very Day
Looks good so far although I'm still not clear about how well its actually working until I've got some logs to paw through and compare. First generation plugins make me a little nervous regardless of the platform.

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