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Write The Fine Manual

Groklaw announced Grokdoc the Wiki-based Linux documentation site intended for end users. Given the amount of energy that people have exerted on both Groklaw and the *nix history project I imagine this will soon be a pretty large source of information. Right now its somewhat sparse and already contains a bit of uninformed grousing and distribution evangelism but I can't make a real judgment because it's ridiculously new.

There will undoubtably be a rush from a Slashdot article either today or tomorrow and the pages will be filled with snippets eagerly cast in hopes of a +n Funny and cleaning up to do before things really get started. I'm hoping that the semi-retarded trolling will stop early on and people looking for help won't be confronted with more bitching about kernel compiles and wanting to have a free version of OS X out of the box. All of this is of course part of the community process and will only be corrected if people pitch in with more than rambling commentary. I'm going to try to draft some Gentoo specific stuff tonight since the shell of categories exist without any content so far. The idea of encouraging neophytes to use Debian or Gentoo makes me a little nervous.

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  1. Ah. So not comfy with leaving the keys to the F40 out where the kids can get ‘me, eh? &#58)

  2. The kids can totally drive the Batmobile I just don’t want to operate the jaws of life everytime they wrap it around a tree.

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