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Everyday Living Is Terribly Demoralizing

Slipping off the face of the Earth is fairly easy to do when weblogging because when you haven't done anything marginally interesting in the last couple of weeks outside of school work (does anyone really want to hear the gory details of the Carlino house bombing from 1931?) and work work (does anyone really want to hear the gory evisceration of incompetent administration and rampant vendor party line regurgitation?) I have absolutely no desire to recount those things because they barely register in my mind of events worthy of remembrance beyond the thirty seconds or so that they occupy my mind. The normal reaction to this sort of absence is to fill in the blanks with a random link dump sort of entry but I haven't been reading a whole lot of anything that isn't a textbook or bug report or how-to for some onerous hole in Windows that is presently being exploited. It isn't worth my attention much less yours so half-assedly I will point you at a couple of interesting and/or funny things I've read lately:

Bob wrote a pretty descriptive (and I'd imagine rather cathartic) description of his woes working on .Net project. I do not envy him but it is an interesting read. I feel much the same way about the patch-patch-patch-patch-pow-reimage methodology of Windows maintenance despite the fact that my experience with it is somewhat less painful because an image and some scripts do most of the painful stuff for me.

There's an interesting article about the woes of migrating corporate installs away from Windows over at OsOpinion that is worth a glance although I have doubts about some of it. I continually deal with nightmarish compatibility problems between various patchsets of Windows 2000 and XP and internally developed kludges. This is the price of moving people away from the many quick and dirty fixes to small problems that comprise a fair amount of Windows development. While it really is more of a pain in the ass than is fair in any sense of the word to convince developers to code standards instead of flavors of the month the pain is much worse when Microsoft makes some fundamental change in the way Windows internals work that breaks applications arbitrarily. Does this point to some fundamental difference between system administration between Windows and *nix camps? I tend to think of the two warring methodologies as the "melting ice cream cone" camp and the "we're going to build this rocket ship a single bolt at a time" camp. There are obvious problems with both but the question of which I trust my asschip to is answered pretty easy. Infer, kids, infer.

via Techdirt: Another AOL employee who sold customer information is caught. What makes this so inexcusable is that they were selling the addresses to spammers. I could make some cheap crack at AOL users but that's a little like making Dan Quayle jokes or something and makes me yearn for a time when I had some kind of standards or any standards at all. 92 million is a lot of pissed off people. The real question here is what the appropriate punishment for this crime might be. I'm thinking in terms of which circle of hell as opposed to the usual fine and probation crap. Ars Technica is is also checking in with their version.

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