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I Feel More Geeky Already

Elaine was kind enough to hook me up with a Gmail invite so I am now an official member of the geek Stone Cutters. Thank you Elaine. The address is exactly what you'd expect. I'm still messing around with the keyboard shortcuts in a half-assed attempt to see what keystrokes they clobber in other applications. Hey, I didn't say this was exciting...

As a side note, I really wish that the notification mail didn't have a $username, $sendername format as the subject line because I tend to automatically mark those in my mind as spam.

I submitted a bug report to the Gmail folks about the invite email subject line so hopefully it won't be so spam-like in the future.

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  1. Maybe that spam-like format for the userid is why so many invites seem to get bounced. I’ve noticed that several I have sent have either bounced or the people changed their mind about wanting to try out gmail.

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