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There And Back Again

My experience thusfar with Gmail has been pretty limited although I've considered funneling some of the mail from the two active domains into it just to mess around and see how well the built in spam filtering works. I'm aleady cruising through the interface with the keyboard shortcuts and I'm generally pretty happy with how they're mapped. I'm more of an emacs guy than a vi guy but they're pretty sensibly laid out.

The point of all this is to bring up the Python scripts Adrian Holovaty hacked up for accessing Gmail. They handle both emails messages and address book entries. He's asking for help with bindings to the major mail clients. I hardly use a mail client (mainly mutt after having too many problems with the sexy but slightly flakey Evolution client) so I'm absolutely no help there. I will say that I slapped together a very simplistic Python/Tk application that grabs subject lines in a matter of twenty minutes using his code. It's good stuff.

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  1. What browser are you primarily using and are you experiencing any problems accessing it?

    I’m using Safari 1.21 and I’m constantly having troubles loading the pages. About 50% of the time it just hangs on a “loading” screen and does nothing.

  2. I’m using the April 14 2004 build of Mozilla Firefox 0.8 and although I’ve seen some lagging when that “loading” screen pops up it always has loaded eventually. I did give the same routine a shot with Konqueror which is technically shares guts with Safari and was not even able to log in. I imagine they’ll try to correct this before taking it out of beta. It does make me wonder how many edges were blunted to accomodate ancient versions of IE.

  3. Ironically, it gave me a warning “your browser isn’t compatible” screen when I attempted to access it via IE 5.2 on the Mac, so I have to commend them there. Safari 1.2.1 is supported and “tested good” w/Gmail so I don’t know why I constantly get the hanging loading screen.

    I may download Firefox this evening, depends on whether or not I have the time to DL w/the modem.

  4. Haven’t noticed any Gmail problems with my Firefox .8 running on Fedora Core 2 Linux. One of my invitees complains that Safari isn’t working well for her, though. Running Linux I feel even more like a step-child than MAC users, so I am somewhat bemused by this.

    I haven’t tried the keyboard shortcuts yet. I don’t want my hindbrain to get even more confused than it is. I am a vi user, and I feel so foolish when I wonder why an application hasn’t closed and I see :q.

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