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Losing Your Sea Legs

I just woke up from one of those sounds like a good idea but it's really the worst ideas ever evening naps and now I'm going to try to study like mad for a final exam that is less than ten hours away. I was also annoyed that I missed a call from Yoon. I ended up going to a show last night out of boredom (Yoon is Atlanta conferencing) and bringing home a stray band, Navies, that was really great and a bunch of really nice guys. It seems like D.C bands are generally more nice and more grounded than bands from most other places. Anyway, they needed to be up early so I dragged ass out of bed to make coffee, chit chat, and wearily wave goodbye as they rolled off in the general direction of Utah. Sometimes I forget that I really do enjoy having house guests when they're well behaved and generally interesting.

That has always been a maddening aspect of touring -- the fact that you meet people and just barely get to know them before you have to pile into a stinky van and drive for twelve hours to play for three drunk frat boys. It's a strange mixture of completely disconnected moments that all sort of congeal and become something you can fondly look back on as a fun time after you've been home for a month where people don't trip over you while you're sleeping and no one spills beer on your sleeping bag while you're in it. It's been way too long for me and it doesn't look like the current deal is going anywhere since we cancel more local shows than we play. Getting out of Denver would be something akin to miraculous. Thems the breaks and the breakups I guess.

Existential crises of small to no importance aside: Daemon News has a nice overview of what to do when you break ports in FreeBSD. It basically tells you to plan ahead but I could've used this advice during my ill fated attempts to install one of the BSDs on my machines. People I know and love swear by BSD (and performance on the server side seems to corroborate this) but I've never really been bitten by the bug. Maybe when I hit forty...

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  1. I read your email last night right before I went to bed. Oddly, I had a dream in which you were the prominent figure. Kind of odd, considering I’ve physically spoken with you for all of an hour.

    If you ever do get outta Denver you have a place to stay in the ‘Loo… that is until we escape.

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