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I’ve Had Better Ideas

While I was messing around with various content management systems a really terrible and fiendish idea gripped me. Why not import the data from a full fledged news or community site (assuming this is a site that uses a fairly standards compliant system to begin with so the exported data isn't trash to begin with) into a lump and every x number of days attempt to import that data plus the stuff generated in the interim into a new management system.

My worst case scenario invocation of this would involve a hat full of systems picked from Open Source CMS or the Open Source Content Management Matrix and a team of suckers admins would have to frantically attempt to recreate the old site in the new framework. It would be a little like Trading Spaces but minus the witty designer types and any sort of reward at the end of the day. Imagine the agonized pile of geeks scurrying around trying vainly to get partially documented hooks to function the way they're supposed to. Imagine the agony of defeat and the thrill of abandonment like a SourceForge project entombed forever in the sticky amber of Development Status: 1- Planning.

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