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Who Outsourced My Cheese?

Ugh. I'm not sure exactly what to do here since I'm 3/4 of the way through compiling the new version of Mozilla Firefox and a serious amount of electrical storm activity has kicked up outside in the last fifteen minutes. The old question of time versus (potential) money...

I gave the beta version of Vida Linux Desktop OS a run on the laptop tonight. It's the distribution trying to pair Gentoo with the anaconda installer. The idea is that people should be able to install a base system (in this case with Gnome as the DE) and be up and running without the sometimes too painful process of using the Gentoo manual which is not an installer per se. It didn't work very well for me: there is no package configuration in the installation whatsoever and the install actually takes a really long time. My machine is at the very bottom of the requirements so I wasn't exactly expecting to have my eyebrows singed off by the speed but still... What killed it for me was the inclusion of things like Open Office and the exclusion of things like PCMCIA support or hotplug that would've actually been useful. Of course, it is a beta1 so I can't help but pardon accordingly. You're still going to have to know a little more than your average Fedora user (I'm talking about the use of anaconda here, tough guy so don't get your hopes up for a flame war) to have an operational system for desktop use. I thought about setting things up to grab a copy of the NIC driver and many of the other options but I just shrugged my shoulders and reinstalled Debian on that machine. I'll have to give Vida another shot when it's a little closer to a release. That said, it is frustrating to have a nice looking installer that doesn't quite get the job done especially in a world where people spend more time looking at screenshots on a project site than they do reading about features or anything else that might make good criteria for deciding on a distribution to try.

The realization sunk in today that work is going to get very weird in the near future. I believe wholeheartedly in that division of labor idea in technical work and the term "team" is being thrown around. Do you know what that means when no one else knows how to do your job? Well, it means you should prepare to have your cheese moved and might as well grab your ankles and grease up in anticipation. It got me started thinking about the potential for solving the fuel shortage by burning managers. They seem to be an infinitely renewable resource...

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