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Temporary Sort-Of-Annoying Zones

I'm sure everyone with a weblog that spans more than a year or so is baked far enough into Google to have the ancient post that still picks up comments. Mine is here and was about being blocked as a sexually oriented site by Websense. Incidentally if you Google 'fuck websense' that post is the first result. Anyway, what's interesting is that that post has taken on a life entirely apart from its original purpose which was to allow me to vent some spleen about the inherent problems with filtering 'bots. I had more objections to being labelled a sexually oriented site than actually being blacklisted for being a potty mouth. Luckily the kids and by kids I mean folks who go to school in places where Websense is used in an out of the box configuration don't arbitrarily read anything and that aspect has been largely ignored. The comments attached to the post are where things get interesting.

I've only deleted one comment attached to it because it was so blatantly stupid and abrasive that I couldn't just leave it there. So there is a fair amount of grade school humor and non-pejorative use of words like 'fag' but after people started floating in on searches like 'fuck websense' I just had to sit back and see what happened without trying to steer the direction that comments took. There were actually a fair amount of helpful exchanges between people and an equal number of 3l33tists berating the others for coming here instead of Googling a better answer. The comment someone left today is a perfect example of this and is so full of posturing that it completely cracked me up. The Websense ban has since been lifted on this site at least as far as I'm aware of so it would be easy to just delete the post now especially after two years of sitting there accumulating cruft but I can't bring myself to do it unless I could somehow preserve the comments apart from the actual post. The sort of pseudo-TAZ that results from throwing your hands up in the air and relinquishing control is more interesting to me than ninety percent of anything that I've written here. It makes me want to spout some nonsense about the subculture of youth making use of our forgotten spaces and adapting them within the original framework to their own uses but I'm just not feeling the fruity sociological vibe tonight. Thinking about this means that I should probably just go to sleep and possibly delete this entry tomorrow.

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  1. I work at a high school, and my site (and all of randomwalks) is blocked as CHAT. I am not sure if I’ve tried to access team murder from there. My guess is it would be EXTREME.

    But, yeah…I love the comments on old posts. It’s too bad that comment spam causes so many people to disable old comment threads after awhile.

  2. Go on a proxy website while u can. They are all blocked by our mutha fuckin shit school. I usually go on mdweiss (Search MDWEISS on Google) or on other websites like megaproxy and superproxy.

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