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Choice Is Probably Best Chosen

I really have to agree with Hans Nowak when he says most of the time an IDE is annoying as hell when coding Python. There are just too many features in most IDEs or editors that want to be IDEs that are enabled by default and pop up with jack in the box regularity to annoy the fuck out of people who are accustomed to something more austere. The code completion thing drives me batty in a matter of minutes. One of the first things that I dug around in the pile of horrors that is the configuration interface for Quanta Plus to disable is the auto completion of parentheses and whatnot. I know it's not the right editor for programming per se but it is pretty good/efficient for PHP.

People could easily give me shit here, were they inclined to do so, for eschewing the minimalist splendor of vi for the sprawling, many tentacled horror of emacs. Yes, emacs can do way too many things but most of those things don't come clawing their way out of the box on a beeline to your crotch where they'll eat your testicles and convert all of your tabs to spaces without even a "Hello! I'm going to eat your nuts if you don't mind." Hell, the mouse scroll isn't even turned on in the version included with most distributions. I won't say that using the emacs interface to toggle options/features on and off is fun or anything but at least you don't have to deal with singing and dancing tip windows stealing focus from the application by default. That is the key right there and one of the strengths of both emacs and vi/Vim; you're not forced to use anything you don't want to excepting the colon and the control key.

Anyone have any really compelling arguments against programming in black boxes? I mean other than prettiness or whatever because I know some dumb motherfucker is going to get all rah-rah about Clippy or something.

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