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Two Things That Annoy

Two things that I'm thinking about:

1. It would be great if Netflix provided a 35 character text field next to movies in your cue. Two of us share one account and I hear about a lot of things third hand, write them down on the back of a fast food receipt, and then forget all about why I wanted to see that film after a couple of weeks. I can't imagine that it would be too costly in terms of database abuse since the Netflix site seems to do a gazillion db calls every page load anyway. I'd also love improvements in the recommendation system. We've rated something like 600 movies and get almost no recommendations in a given category. Something about that says that it should've stayed in development a wee bit longer.

2. The next time someone refers to RMS and anyone who has similar beliefs as a communist I'm going to bludgeon them to death with a hard drive in a sock. Seriously, they don't require MBAs to take a single political science class at Matchbook Business College? What makes this even more offensive is that Stallman is such a freak about semantics and that is such a central part of the problems that many have with him.

Those are two things. Now I will go see loud music and drink cheap swill.

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