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We’re Going To Need Bigger Buckets

Interesting enough but kind of sad: There's a collective Internet Explorer weblog which links other IE developers weblogs and so on. The site I linked seems a little on the PR puff side while the dev weblogs are (of course) more infolicious. IE is in such catch up mode that nothing short of a monopoly on the corporate desktop will... oh shit.

Sarcasm aside (and all of the bitter rage that I feel towards cleaning up after such an outrageously outdated yet ubiquitous piece of software), I'm glad the browser is moving forward albeit by baby steps. Read the dev weblogs because some of the posts are very, very funny in the best/worst senses. That can't be fun work in general. I picture the IE devs as something akin to the janitors walking behind the elephants in the beginning of Fractured Fairy Tales.

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