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Three thousand laborious words later I am finished with the summer semester and given the gift of a couple weeks to intellectually fuck off. Yup. The party starts with a link dump. I'd feel better about this if Yoon wasn't off seeing Sonic Youth at a semi-secret warehouse show right now.

A GIF animation of an autopsy that really, really makes me wish that this was a video game. Sorta.

I have no idea how I've used an X based desktop for this long without realizing what utter genius unclutter is. I cranked mine up to 2 seconds in my Fluxbox startup file and I am much, much happier working in terms and dealing with web forms. Gotta tip the hat to Debian Package A Day for the nudge to give unclutter a try. Deb Package A Day is a really great little project as well for keeping you interested in new software that might be tersely described by your distribution's packaging or whatever and gives you a glimpse into how you might actually use software instead of just an objective description of what it does. Adding to the links section...

I've been playing around with Pears a little bit between spasmodical typing. It's another Python and wxPython conglomeration and while it doesn't feel as responsive as other aggregators I've messed with lately it's still pretty good and relatively stable. The only problem that I've found so far is that Pears froze (I actually had to kill the process) the first time I tried to import a huge OPML list. The browser selection dialog also seems broken because anything but the default cannot be set with the current interface. You can also adjust the cache for each feed which is a really nice feature. The "about" dialog also gives you stats on uptime, number of times used, and other things that ring geek bells. Cross platform is good. There's also apparently a plug in structure but I haven't been able to figure that out from either the site or messing with the application itself but I did just figure out that right clicking a feed refreshes it. Woo. No screenshot because do you really need to see another huge screenshot of a 3 pane aggregator? Didn't think so.

There's a new version of the Ultimate Boot CD out. Time to fix your broken shit. I should probably play some Frozen Bubble and pass the hell out.

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