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Fried Brains Are For Babbling With

I'm finished with summer classes and Yoon and I are getting out of the city for a couple of days to hang out in a hot tub equipped cabin. This means no connectivity, no kitten, and exposure to the sun for extended periods of time. I have that totally deflated feeling after staggering through a couple of hyper-condensed and academically rigorous classes. I guess that isn't deflated in the sense that I'm apathetic and couch-with-Cheetos bound or anything but I keep anticipating some horrible surprise to happen that requires me to labor endlessly to impress and/or sate morons. That probably has more to do with the general direction that work has taken over the past month or so than anything else. The recent onslaught of viruses and worms has really made work seem like running in Habitrail while having bad instructions/orders shouted at you. Then again, maybe I'm just really tired.

I had a two hour long telephone conversation with an old friend last night.This fact is remarkable only if you've ever talked with me on the phone, a technology that I use a whole lot like a walkie-talkie or a telegraph. He's one of the people that I perpetually worry about on this subconscious and indirect level. It was reassuring to hear that everything is going well. We spent way too much of the conversation on SF punk rock gossip but it was worth the time if only to realize that you can transparently reconnect with people that you've barely communicated with for years and years. I'm hating the telephone a little less at the moment though I doubt this epiphany will actually cause me to answer the phone when it rings.

Yes. This is burn out.

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  1. Have a wonderful getaway. Hot tub cabin sounds wonderful. I wouldn’t want to leave.

  2. It was good but after two days both Yoon and I were nearly crazy. I’m a city kid by nature and the isolation starts to drive me crazy after a day or two.

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