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Because Email Is Worse Than Useless After A Day Or Two

We just got back from the mountains an hour or two ago and I've spent more time than I can ever remember pointing email addresses back to their correct destinations and looking at a Gmail spam folder with nearly twenty thousand pieces accumulated over three days. Confronted with messes like these all I can feel is some grey middle point between total apathy and resigned despair. If you emailed me over the past three days and haven't heard back today (I'm not kidding) please give it another shot in the very near future 'cause we're taking off for SF on the fifth and the whole process starts over again only with even less money. I don't think I can bring myself to skim that many subject lines ever again.

The mountains were interesting although I did more coding, watching the Democratic National Convention, and couch duty than anything else. Someone told me before we left that there was an alpine slide near Winter Park but that just sounded too much like something I did accidentally on a fishing trip long ago to hold much real appeal. A couple soaks in a hot tub will do wonders for moral even if you can't get anything to eat after 9 p.m. I feel well rested at the moment which is good because rough shit is coming up in the not-so-distant future. The little coffee place on the main drag (which is about four blocks long) actually had a wi-fi hot spot. I guess this is the last nudge that I needed to drop the ten paltry dollars on a wireless card for my old and chubby laptop. I did take advantage of the utter lack of internet connection to remain pretty much on task with what I was doing though. You pay for that sort of concentration in thousands of pieces of spam, I suppose.

When I have more than ten minutes to hang out at my desk I'd like to play around with PyPy. A working runtime would be very handy. I haven't even looked through the Gentoo Packages for it yet so that shows you where I'm at. Pho, I guess and then some wingnut band from Austin called Invincible Czars later tonight. The name is awful but I liked what little I heard from their website and I need to shake off this case of cabin fever.

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