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In Lieu Of Scribbling On Sticky Notes…

Window managers are becoming the new editors for people to get all worked up about. The article I'm linking isn't ultra-relevant but the comments attached to it are nasty, nasty, nasty. All you'd need to do is pitch an "emacs versus vi" argument in there and the whole thing would go thermonuclear. Yow.

Speaking of which, I guess Kahakai is dead as of June. Old and horribly messy code was cited as the reason for the last of the developers leaving. This figures because it was just becoming somewhat stable and usable. Aegis was born of the aftermath and doesn't have a release yet but it does sort of draw a root menu. It figures.

The object of this game (stupid Flash required, of course) is a feat of dexterity that I will never be able to accomplish in real life. Plus, you know, fly guts on the chopsticks.

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