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The Market Is Like A Conversation With A Room Full Of Drunk Idiots Who Hate You And Your Operating System

Man, I've read a whole lot of weblog posts in the past twelve hours that really nail it. Jeremy Zawodny really nails it here by clarifying the difference between what a company defines as a support and how a user working with an operating system outside the pentagram of the sacred monopoly might define it. He's exactly right, though, most of us don't even want company style support. We just want to be allowed to tinker with things that people offer. It's frightening how many times I've got things working perfectly by simply spoofing my user agent string. Support me by not throwing discouragement in my face.If someone figures out a way around the support dictated limitations you're probably doing some things right as a company. Marketing is definitely not one of those things. Just think of how many people are just changing the channel. It's a whole lot more than you think.

I have a feeling that the article explaining the hack might be useful to someone I know. I've really never messed with Launch but I've heard good things about it from people who suck up multimedia like it was 1993. I'll give it a shot (for the kids) when there is more time. I'm not sure exactly when that fictional time slot will be but...

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