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Stepping The Fuck Back

I've been reading furiously over the past couple of days and have felt less inclined than ever to spend very much time in front of this machine. I chewed through a whole rackful of cheesy science fiction and picked up a copy of Vollman's The Atlas which is pretty bite sized but satisfying nonetheless. What is sort of alarming about this unexplicable u-turn in my free time behavior is that I used to read at this pace all the time. I need to unplug more often and read things that do not contain the words "Python" or "PHP" or the phrase "in a nutshell." That contributes to my absence from here and this is probably a good thing.

My sound track all day has been The Bronx which is rumored to have some sketchy major label connections but I downloaded the whole fucking thing so my issue is with the music. Despite a couple of groaners when they load the songs down with a few too many stupid guitar tricks this record will remove paint from the walls if played at the appropriate volume. They have a couple of download-able songs at their site but I just grabbed the whole burrito the usual way. Normally I'd feel some pangs of guilt about this but dealing with the Ferret Records guy while I worked at Punks With Presses killed any sympathy I might have. Let's put it this way: 1. Rush order for something that isn't easy to print even at a more relaxed pace. 2. Print shitty stickers and rush them to the airport UPS so touring baseball cap band can toss them out to hormonal twelve year olds with Xes markered on the backs of their hands. 3. Listen to fucker from record label whine and complain and subsequently threaten us with his 'industry contacts.' Sorry, no twelve bucks from me. Thank you for your headache payment. When I die ten years earlier than intended for all of the worry I wasted on punk rock 7" covers you can chuckle heartily at my expense. Yeah, I know, grudges are silly but can justify nearly anything. Fuck it.

Elaine has a photo of the fucked up storm clouds that delayed our landing at DIA earlier this week. I'm glad that they looked impressive from the ground because the lightning bowl from the sky was not nearly as ominous looking.

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