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That Annoyance So Familiar

Some interesting things that I've run into today:

All of us preach the gospel of not using Internet Explorer to anyone who will listen but sites like Stop IE are great tools in that battle. This is personal for me since I have to support IE on a daily basis and at times justify its shortcomings and security problems to users. I like having all of the reasons that switching is a good idea laid out in a nice cohesive form with a short list of good reasons to switch with explicit explanations listed as well. Friends tend not to take the warning too seriously because, of course, I'm the Linux guy and I'm always talking crazy bullshit. This goes both ways, though, and no matter how often I beg friends not to put any of my functional email addresses in their Outlook address book I get shit flooded every time a new virus comes down the pipe. I'd love to see an equivalent site for Outlook and all of its bastard children. I'm going to experiment with Evolution Connector for Yoon's Exchange mailbox in the near future. I'm kind of curious how it will work out since I'm a little skeptical of interop with a company that considers standards things that must be co-opted and owned. I'll post something about when that day arrives. That should be surrounded with "don't hold your breath, sailor" tags or something.

I bookmarked Kozoru a little while ago and cannot remember for the life of me where I initially heard about it. The explanation of what they're trying to do is pretty ambitious and also vague. If I had a stock option for every time I'm read press fodder claiming that some high concept vaporware is going to rock the world of **insert hot, hot, hot industry buzzword here*** I'd be a wealthy man on paper. The idea of building a search platform is also worrisome because that word 'platform' is shorthand for 'lock in' for the most part. They do advertise the use of OS X and BSD so there's obviously some antipathy towards MegaSoft there. I'm more of a believer in searching within results and narrowing piles of information the way I think it should be sorted but, hey, everyone thinks they know what you need. Do you need this? I'm not sure that reinventing the wheel is particularly innovative at this point and user oriented development generally implies a very tight integration of cluster with fuck. All of that is probably more mean than it needs to be but given the bubble-like hype over the Google IPO the word "search" will soon become very annoying.

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  1. hrm… certainly has that late 90s stench about it that Koruzu does…

  2. Would you mind lining some of those bullet points out. The pro-IE guy in my is licking his chops right now. ;)

  3. Chris-

    Actually, that’s a really great idea for a future post since I tend to gloss over (for the obvious reasons, one of which being that I dread sounding too much like a broken record to stand myself) when complaining about IE. It might be interesting from my perspective because I have to support client machines and the ways that they break are legion. I’m not sure when that write up will happen because I’m running very short on time and energy and will be in the immediate future. Thanks for throwing down the gauntlet, though, and if you’re still interested in a couple of weeks, feel free to remind me or ping this post.

  4. I’m on it! And to gloss my own blog, I might even try to get a little point/counterpoint going. Although I feel that IE is one of the few things that Microsoft has done well. Security issues aside.

  5. Your misgivings about the hype over search are well founded. For whatever it’s worth, the founder and the lead R&D person @ kozoru have been thinking about the problem for about 3 years before the company was founded. Also, the founder’s most recent company,, was a major innovator in the security space and is one of the top 5 privately held security companies in the U.S.

    In other words, we *might* be smoking _____, but only time will tell.

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