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Tired Of Waiting

We played a house show on Friday night. It was fun until we stopped playing and then the realization that we were out of beer and unable to buy any more beer that night while being surrounded by drunken 23 year olds sunk in. One of the nice folks that lives at the house took some pictures and was nice enough to send a link to the gallery. You'll get the idea.The only one that I'm happy with is the weird one of Jose straddling the moat. We didn't load out until like two in the morning so we were even more cranky than usual and disgustingly sober. If we look a little lost... We're also waaaay too loud for a room that size. People cleared out pretty quickly.

I've kind of felt like shit for the past couple of days. I think it's the cumulative sleep deprivation catching up with me. Classes start tomorrow so this feeling is an excellent warm up for the slow burn of the next three months. Argh.

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