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All This Controversy Is Making Me Itch

It was only a matter of time before something like Blogversations happened and I'm really more inclined to shrug my shoulders about it than anything else. Hell, I even registered in case anyone was willing to pay me to flippantly call something that took years and millions of dollars to create a steaming pile of shit. I've always thought that if a nameless corporate entity wanted to sponsor the existence of Team Murder I would be more than happy to rifle through their couch cushions for hosting costs and whatnot. Jesus, I fix broken Windows machines for a living. I can talk shit all day but I'm a little reluctant to pimp. Maybe it's time to start a multimedia virtual reality social networking weblogging software company so I can profit richly on the next big thing or maybe stock options that are totally going to make me rich, dude emergence of a brand new doodad. Yeah, that's it. I haven't seen much more than skepticism so far because, of course, most people are smart enough to realize that this scheme will rapidly sink into a tar pit at its earlier convenience if any sort of *turfing is detected in relation to it.

Speaking of vapor-money, does anyone have a clue about whether or not this rumor about the grafting together of Adsense and Blogger is anything more than ass refactoring? Never mind. I'm an idiot who hates editing because immediately after I wrote that sentence I did a crazy, crazy thing and checked the source of aforementioned rumor and instead found a detailed announcement. It figures. I don't see any real controversy there simply because it's more fair than anything else.

The intarweb is supposed to fall down and go boom tomorrow. I hope so. I could use a couple of days to catch up.

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