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Mainly Because I Hate Their Freedom

Even though I'm pretty sure that Linspire will eventually be smothered under the weight of their own bullshit I do admire the persistence of their innovate by rebranding strategy. The latest steaming pile hot new item, as detailed in the press release. At least they're not directly claiming some kind of business relationship with AOL if only because that didn't work out so well the first time. Of course, you can't expect news services to actually read press releases so any of number of headlines are going to appear that create that relationship for them while the disclaimers on the actual product page protects them from legal entanglement. Pretty slick, no? The part that you don't really get out of all of this is that people using Linux have actually been able to connect to AOL servers for quite some time and there is at least one existing piece of software that will allow you to do just that without enduring any Flash animations of Michael Robertson milking a penguin or whatever. The more important point, probably, is that you already need an existing AOL account in order to use either piece of software.

In Slashdotian terms:

1. Repackage old ideas and market the bejesus out of them
2. Rely on press release regurgitation to imply some sort of official relationship.
3. ????
4. Profit! (or not)

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