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Alleged Fast Luck

Rule one for survival of sanity: Do not update things that you suspect might break simply to see what happens. Sometimes spinning the rusty razor blades and ten days past sell by date buttermilk wheel of luck just isn't worth it. In fact, it's seldom worth it. I should break my own pinky finger just as a reminder. Maybe.

I overheard some of the RNC. How many times do you need to repeat the phrase "September 11th attacks" before people will glaze over en masse and vote for "Shut the fuck up you coffin preaching piece of shit?" I have no idea so you'll have to ask that owl with the thing for suckers. Still, I'd love to see the official count of mentions that I'm sure will be noted by someone with a higher tolerance for crappy crap. Patience. By the way, as you may have noticed, I'm trying to singlehandedly bring the strike tag to the prominence it richly deserves. No matter how obvious it might be, until the sarcasm tag clears the W3C it's either this or peeing Calvin. If I spent the time optimizing the images...

Although the discussion thread has taken some pretty ugly and venomous turns, I'm a little surprised at how reasonably most folks on the kernel list have taken request to remove the pwc driver from the kernel. Granted, this is little consolation for folks using Phillips Webcams but it's nice to see Linus in make the hothead developers play nice mode again.

Achewood has one of the best well deserved eviscerations of nu punk (am I allowed to use that term yet?) that I've ever seen.

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  1. On the RNC comment… Tom Tomorrow re-posted his cartoon from last summer when they announced the location of the honkey rally..

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