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The three day weekend is fucking here which I needed so badly that I was barely conscious of being at work yesterday. Given that a new semester has started all of the Windows machines at work are of course incapacitated by a new batch of worms and viruses. It figures. Like a horse and fucking carriage. Like Alabama Slammers and teenagers slipping in their own vomit. I'm not looking forward to Tuesday since our new strategy is to just reimage infected machines. The next person who blames me for their disasters with a Temporary Internet Items folder full of porn thumbnails gets cracked in the mouth. The time for advocating safer alternatives is over. Now it's time for the "Shut up and vacate your office while I fix your bullshit" flashcard. Considered doing a little research but then decided against it. I'm tired of learning about Windows simply because so much of the OS is marginally functional.

On the not-so-fortunate side, I'm going to have make some decisions in the near future regarding Team Murder. Every month I edge closer to hitting the bandwidth limit and it's a progressive disease. I'm either going to have to move to a burlier hosting package which I really can't afford or I'm going to have to shut down the feeds which I'm equally unhappy about. It'll probably be a bigger monthly bandwidth budget. Viva ramen.

Emmanuel Goldstein got popped along with another zillion folks for protesting the RNC. Ftrain gots the funny on.

Finally blew out the Vidalinux install on my laptop. This isn't due to any defect in the distribution but the realization that running a source based distribution on a PII is fucking stupid. Back to Debian for the time being. I've been monitoring Linuxbeta for interesting new stuff to try out.

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  1. I couldn’t get Vidalinux past the intial startup. It just locked with no indication I could see. Ah well, it was a nice thought.

    BTW – your descriptions of supporting those Windows machines just gets more colourful all the time. Har.

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