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My Friend, I Miss You Dearly Already

I, like many people writing about his death, never actually met Aaron Hawkins in "real life" although I sent him probably hundreds of pieces of emails and actually listed his site first of many in the links bar of my weblog. I'm really not the person to eulogize anyone because the sort of relationship necessary to do a proper job of that sort of thing isn't something that I have with many people outside of my immediate sphere of friends. Aaron, I hope whatever it was that made you desperate is resolved now. As saddened as we are by your passing I don't think anyone begrudges you your choice. I sincerely hope that it ended the pain or despair that he was feeling. Special thanks to Dru for letting me know and sparing me the guilt and despair of hearing about the demise of a friend through the grapevine.

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  1. I started reading Aaron’s site because you linked to him. I figured anyone who had the nerve to pick uppity-negro for his URL must be worth reading. Thank you for introducing me to such a treasure.

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