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A Few Minutes Away From Reading

I've been doing some fiddling around with the innards of this site so the time that I spend in front of the computer has been more focused than the usual tooling around looking for interesting stuff. If you've dropped by over the past couple of days and found the site broken or only partially functional, that's why. I've learned a fair amount about the inner workings of WordPress but haven't really implemented things in a way that plays nicely with the other components. Part of that is probably my relative ignorance when it comes to PHP and probably some conflict caused by one of the other plugins I have installed. Much documentation must be read and testing on a live install is beyond stupid...

I did, at least, get a functioning word count installed. The Wordstats plugin does that a whole bunch more than just count words. It also generates all of those readability statistics that everyone is used to seeing in MS Word. These are all visible from the administration interface but you need to actually call them from within the index file to include the functions in a way visible to anyone else. The default implementation is actually very nice and displays the stats on the editing page without being obnoxious. It's there if you want it and basically invisible if not which is the way things should be.

I'm also going to give the turn off comments and take down weblog plugins a whirl over the next week or so. The gaining popularity of WordPress is making it a more popular target for comment spammers so for folks who don't have the comment moderation turned on (I certainly do) this would be very helpful when you're being flooded with crap. Hell, I might use this in cases when I'm getting blasted with comment spam. They might never be visible to the outside world but I've still gotta clean 'em up at some point and it would be nice to avoid it entirely since they seem to come in dozens. The Take Down Blog plugin lets you replace the entire site with a message telling people that you broke your weblog or whatever. I'll probably give that some play as well though I sincerely hope that I don't have to do anything like in the near future. If you ever see that a message like it would pretty safe to assume that I'm having a nervous breakdown or something. All of this good stuff, of course, comes via Wordlog which is Carthik's indispensable guide to what's going on with WordPress development and hackery. Groovy.

Also, people need to start reading licenses. Really. If you're going to use someone else's codebase for modification you'd best understand that you don't own what you've based your alterations on. Read it or look like a fucking idiot. To misunderstand that and toss around legal threats is unforgivable.

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