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If Only I Could Silence People In Real Life When They Annoy Me

Unfortunately I had to turn comments off for a while. The bombardment, although completely useless to spammers because their comments will never be seen by a search engine or another person, was getting to be too much to clean up. The wonderful Stop Comments plugin allows for this to be done painlessly and very quickly. I'm probably going to hack together a more visually pleasing denial screen in the near future but for now I'm just going to leave the default in place and go have fun on Friday night. In the mean time if you've got an especially salient point to add to a post please email me with it and I'll paste it with a link to where ever it is that you call home.

Disturbing Auctions is very much worth your time. I'm not usually a fan of jokey meta sites but this one is actually pretty funny. It's the same guy that does Spamusment which I also think is hilarious. Others, being the fools that they are, are not.

I haven't found much worth sharing today. Most of the "news" that I've read today has been of the "why the fuck" variety. Maybe I'm just cranky.