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Thank You Tony, Mark, And MooKitty.

Damn. So, answering my call for convenience from the other day, via Wordlog, comes the plugin that I've been looking for: the Three Strikes plugin. It works like a spam blacklist and gives the space to open your comments back up if only to add the spammer details to your blacklist. It uses Kitten's Spam Words and a scoring system much like Spamassassin.I've only had it installed for something like 24 hours so I'm still seeing a fair amount of crap flooding but it's already a lot more tolerable than it has been for the last couple of weeks.

Speaking of the great comment toggle, my friend Tony mailed me a comment intended for my rant about the gbrowser snipe hunt. He said:

In all of your geekdom you missed the obvious... As did I.

#1 - Google doesn't need to "fix" any obvious problem in the browser market.
The original browser wars weren't about features, reliability, fit and
finish or anything else. It came down to branding and...

#2 - Distribution channel. Google has access to the single largest
distribution channel outside of Microsoft.

Is there a purpose? Is it commercially viable?

Fuck if I know... But I can tell you that my mom knows who Google is and she
and billions like her use their website daily.

The power and size of Google might get a significant portion of MSIE only
websites (SBC for example) back onto the path of W3C compliance.

I think he's completely spot on and the branding angle was one that had occurred to me but, as Tony said, I have a fair amount of geek shortsightedness to thank for not considering that point further. Jesus, the wild success of the Google Toolbar alone should've rung my clue phone. His point about Google steering more, ahem, web designers towards actual W3C compliance was something that hadn't dawned on me at all. This also makes a whole lot of sense since a united push towards W3C standards instead of new, new marquee tags has got to appeal to someone besides me despite my newfound adoration for the blink tag (my apologies to Bob).

I still have a fuckton of Gmail invites. Comment and you shall receive...

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  1. Don’t forget about my comment-pay plugin if you want a message to show when a comment is sent to moderation.

    Try it out and see if you like it.

  2. Excellent work. That really completes the package. Thanks so much for letting me know and for the fantastic coding work.

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