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Some Pre-Lunch Messing Around

Another thing I neglected to mention along with all of the other hacks and changes I've made to this site lately is that I also trimmed the feeds down. I looked at the logs and RSS was indeed the bastard when it came to soaking me in bandwidth expenditures. Rather than disabling them completely I just let WordPress summarize posts. This is probably a terrible idea since whatever point that I'm trying to make with a post is usually buried in 300 words of whatev. In any case, it's working at least for the moment. Aggregators, in general, are going to have to start behaving a lot more grown up before I'm allowing full text in feeds again.

I read through a pretty lengthy summary of XUL this morning that rekindled my interest in tinkering with it more. I did a little hacking in the past but that never amounted to much. I doubt my next stab will be any more productive but I'm twice as curious now. It really is a good article that should probably be hosted on the main Mozilla site since it's a lot more engaging than most of the documentation offered there. Not that documentation has any obligation to be entertaining but rolling it up in some advocacy can't hurt.

If you add more fuel to the password controversy fire then this post about passwords vs. passphrases might be worth your perusal. I didn't know that newer Windows boxes supported 128 character (including spaces and unicode characters) passphrases. I'd favor those that know better abandoning the platform altogether but I'm happy to know that there's a glimmer of hope for those trapped in the matrix.

I'm actually working (term used very loosely since I have no installer rights on this machine, no browser with tabs, and no virtual desktops) on a Windows XP box in a public lab and using IE for the first time in months. I've pretty much pruned all of the sites that load pop ups from the links. I had no idea. Please let me know if I'm linking to a site that bombs you with pop ups. Then install Firefox and save yourself from future grief. Oh, and get yourself a better shell for your desktop while you're at it. And eat your vegetables.

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  1. Have you considered feedburner? Full posts for your readers. Virtually zero bandwidth for you.

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