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Most Mistakes Are Hidden Truisms

More lag time here as the real life stuff has been keeping me quite occupied thank you. I had a major rant building up over something that happened in one of my classes the other day but now, away from the awful and stupid moment, I'm not feeling much of anything about it. It would suffice to say that if people actually read the materials they were supposed to they would not suggest that Krishna was actually telling Arjuna not to fight in the Bhavaghad Gita. Yeah, so, uh, rant aborted.

MooKitty suggested in a comment that I might try out her Comment Pay Plugin to let people know that their comments are awaiting moderation and haven't been flushed down the awful toilet of destiny known to most as /dev/null. When time allows I'm probably going to hack the payment stuff out of it because although it is very funny conceptually it does expose your email address to robots, horrible robots and whatnot. I love, love, love having source available especially when something does more than I want and can probably be fixed with a little bit of commenting out.

Also got wind of by way of the almighty Daily Python-URL and it looks like the start of something big. They say right on the index that the project was inspired by Perl Monks so hopefully they'll get just as complex and functional as that site.

Ars Technica gives their browser and platform report and they're just as unsurprisingly surprised as anyone else by the fact that Internet Explorer usage is on the decline. When you talk enough about something people will eventually listen. It does kind of suck that their logging software doesn't differentiate between the big fat lizard and Firefox. I imagine that Firefox is gaining pretty rapidly on Mozilla by this point.

Tired.Incoherent.Must sleep.

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