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Laughable Is Seldom Funny

Late night. Early morning. Burn burn burn. I'm getting through answering email. If people wouldn't tell me about such cool things, methodically solve all of my problems, and ask the sort of questions I love to answer then getting through a week worth of mail wouldn't be so time and mind consuming. Truthfully if it were any other way I'd probably delete it all without reading it. So along with the 'thank you' there must always come a 'fuck you.' Again, this is about email and some that I got after whittling my RSS and Atom feeds down to a summary instead of full text because the bandwidth was eating me alive. The funny part about it is people mailed me to tell me that they'd unsubscribed from my feeds as if I was going to get upset because they weren't yanking on full text feeds like some methamphetamine addled bukkake star. Yeesh. If you really, really insist on reading my overly wordy bullshit in its full verbose glory in a feed-like format I suggest Links or w3m or any of the other fine text based browsers out there. It's not like you're missing a fuck of a lot anyway. You can pretty much just spend a couple bucks a month on helping those around you drink three times as much coffee as they normally would and you'll get the same pointless ranting from them as you would from me.

I am not watching the debate tonight. I don't have the necessary powers of self-deception or the intestinal fortitude to swallow so much rehash and vagary in one sitting. Matt pointed to another Matt who pointed to list of things you're not supposed to know about presidential debates including the fact that they really aren't debates. Morbid curiosity would be the only rationale I could muster.

There's also an interesting interview/article at BME about a woman who auctioned off space on her head for an anti-Bush tattoo. If this at all grabs your attention you should check out the interview because it delves a lot further into the ideas and thinking behind the auction. The photo of the tattoo is probably the least interesting part about the whole thing. The guy who actually won the auction is also interviewed which adds an expected angle to the article especially given the fact that he really didn't care about the tattoo aspect of the auction at all but rather the process of getting there.

I'm lacking in the time aspect of it but this potential fiasco actually sounds like it might be fun or at least add another notch in my way too many ways to break a Debian install belt.

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