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Less Traumatic Than Last Time

Magically, the WordPress upgrade went smoothly and hasn't broken anything that I'm aware of. The last time I upgraded I wasn't paying attention and it was three in the morning so, in comparison, anything would be smoother. It might make sense for future upgradey releases to make a smaller package that includes only new versions of files instead of picking and choosing. I've already suffered the trauma of not RTFM so it was much easier the second time around. I'm a nervous kid when it comes to upgrading software that I actually use...

The process of writing way too many pages that I don't care about resumes this coming week. For some stupid reason one of the aforementioned papers must be in Chicago style. If there is a more pointless methodology for citations for undergraduate papers I'd be happy to give that a shot as well just for "experience." Footnotes. Ugh. I'll busily search for an unoccupied tar pit for them to sweetly slumber in.

So, loud music and drinking...

Oh, I nearly forgot about the point of all this ranting -- while it's fine to use unwieldy systems in order to learn them it doesn't make any sense in particular to use them entirely for secondary sources. Without really putting the systems to work with, say, a stack of letters from an archive or something that would be particularly difficult to cite with MLA, it seems pretty pointless. You don't learn how to ride mountain trails on a stationary exercise bike...

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