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Light After Lunch Reading…

It looks like the next massive wave of domain name squatting is here. Dot info. Does anyone really care or is this actually a disaster? On one hand I can see the "Search for online casinos" search page being a part of it but are com, net, org, and info really that interchangable? I dunno.

Hey. You like all singing and dancing, right? If you're using Ubuntu Linux you might want to check out the Multimedia guide for your maximum earache and eyestrain. Woo. This is good.

When talking about things that effect the election in the proximity of the election and the ultimate warblogger mentions your site (albeit as a dotcom, not a dotorg, and not even friggin' close to a dotinfo) as part of his vice presidential assassination of the pursuit of truth or clarity debate you might want to plan ahead. Just a little bit.

Class looms like a cutpurse with a freshly sharpened shiv...

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