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They Will Find A Way In

I just read (I'm procrastinating on studying for a midterm so I'm unusually productive in all things that do not concern that midterm) a pretty grim and cogent picture of the future of RSS and syndication in general. We've all been tolling the bell for the current methods of syndication so long that the marketing fucks finally caught on that this was something people actually use. Open an orifice and some dumb company that has long outlived its usefulness as anything other than a fantasy football portal (I assume we all know who I'm talking about here without me linking them, right?) will shove some advertising in there, posthaste. The nice part about syndication which Michael Fraase brings up in his post, is that syndication is painlessly easy to stop reading. There is nothing essential about syndication feeds. People can access the same shit with all the pretty pictures by simply loading the page in browser or rolling their own scraper up to server up the same content with all the festering bullshit trimmed off. Not only will people be annoyed with your feeds but they will be unresponsive to new things you offer via those feeds. That's your foot. Please stop shooting it.

The Onion is also locking up its archives as premium content. This may not be a new measure but it sure as fuck is annoying. How many links are broken on your site now? Archives cost too much to justify keeping them continually available? Delete them and die with some dignity.

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