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Not Even The Worst Part

Yesterday I received a credit card that I applied for. If you've recently gone through the laborious process of activating a new credit card you realize how painful this process is. It totally sucks. I chanted "No" so many times that the word, monosyllabic as it might be, entirely lost meaning. I never want to get nasty about since the person that answers my call is without doubt making near minimum wage. I sigh my way through 2500 of those and, finally, have an active credit card without a bunch of extra garbage strapped onto it.

The next day I log on to the web site for the card and find that I'm signed up for all kinds of shit that amounts to a ten or so dollar charge ladled over the top of my balance. The web site, of course, has no way for you cancel these services so I have to call the 1-800 number. Into the belly of the beast I go again. Of course, same deal as the time before, I'm talking to a lowest level service person on the phone. I tell her the basic deal and she sounds sympathetic. Unfortunately those services are managed by "their partners" and I can't cancel directly through the credit card company. Crap. I dial yet another toll free number to find out that their service desk is only open 3 hours a day and only on weekdays. The other number that I call offers the same options and then disconnects. I have precious little patience for run around so I call back the credit card company to cancel the account. This also becomes tantamount to pulling teeth and I go through two lower tier phone reps before I lose my temper. The credit card company insisted that I pay for the services they signed me up for without my permission and wouldn't budge from that position until I invoked the Better Business Bureau. Suddenly all of those charges disappeared and my account which had never been used for anything that I approved was closed.

A little while later I applied for a similar card from my bank and was approved instantly. If my bank tries anything similar they'll lose me as a banking and a credit customer. It's pathetic that it's come to that -- in order to get what I want as a paying customer I need leverage to make threats. All the perky, upbeat marketing in the world isn't going to fix that. This company spends an inordinate amount of advertising dollars sawing away at this very theme. Argh.

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