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Yes, They’re Off

You might notice that I've completely disabled comments for the time being. This is doubtful, however, since most of the comments posted here are from robots and not people. I was going to whip up something a little less generic than the default placeholder that shows up now but I had to wonder what the point really was. In fact, my comments were entirely broken and redirecting to the FBI site until Tony was kind enough to inform me. I fixed it and then the torrent of spam comments started again. Sometimes I inadvertently delete actual mail during the course of deleting spam email messages and this infuriates me. I have even less time to sort through a couple hundred spam comments a day in search of one relevant comment. So, I'm going to take the cranky route and just shut 'em down until I feel like I have the energy to deal with those aspects. It isn't like I'm posting all that frequently as it is.

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