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The Gnome Fork…

I'm pressed for time at the moment as I have class in a handful of minutes, but I heard about the GoneME Project today and it made me really happy. I used to kind of like Gnome but the rapid movement from simplification with an underlying ability to get at the innards as necessary to simply dumbed down and unusable for anyone who has the knowledge to work their desktop to death completely cured me of any sympathies for it. I think that a project like GoneME is a good compromise between the two. Just read their list of goals and the explanations of each and it becomes immediately clear that folks planning this are thinking about it pretty clearly and with an eye towards users in general without the insane bias towards beginners. They also bring up a very salient point in the commentary attached to the project goals: the current incarnation of the Gnome desktop doesn't give users room to move from a beginner level of competency to a more advanced usage. You either use Gnome in the click and drool sense or you hack on Gnome with very few niches between the two.

The real question here is why I didn't hear about this project any earlier... from what I can tell it's been active or at least actively discussed since July.

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