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God Told Me To Skin You Alive

Although I fully realize that the upcoming election is going to be another one of those "Go Centrist or Die" type arrangements I have to say that I'm a little surprised by Bush's statement about gay civil unions. The usual goes for the NY Times stuff: login: teammurder password: teammurder. Of course, as we learned from the last go-round, what is said on the campaign trail and what actually happens when the office is filled are two very different things but politically this is somewhat suicidal. I can't imagine that making a statement that essentially gives gays and lesbians political legitimacy is going to mesh that way with the Bible thumpers that are the core of his support. Let's hope this is the big, stupid mistake that cuts into the Republican states. The thing is, and this is the thing that I'm really hung up on, who would the conservative Christians vote for if not W? Maybe he could 12 step his way out of this conflict as well?

Looking at this L.A. Times article it sounds like some of the hardcore are going to actually vote third party. It's weird to think that the Republican camp could actually lose votes to a third party (other than, you know, some apocalyptic, sic the rabid pit-bull of God on your heathen ass variety of third party) or even to the Democrats. I think this is part of the danger of playing it centrist especially when you've been working the smiting vengeful God who takes his orders from me gives his orders directly to me angle so hard and relentlessly for so long.

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  1. Somethimes I think that we give Bush too much credit for being too crafty of a politician. After watching the debates, I really started to realize that Bush looks good in large part becuase the Democrats really were in retreat – they didn’t even fight him on all of this junk these past few years.

    So perhaps the comment about civil marriage rights was just a mistake, and not a grand plan of getting moderates over to him. It seems like there are easier ways to soften him image – without totally upsetting the moral base.

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