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I’ll Take My Pleasant Surprises Where And When Ever I Can Get Them

Huh. For the first time in eons I'm working on Macintosh. Normally this is where I would bitch about the full sized but woefully inadequate keyboard and the incredibly slow scrolling and the lack of a scroll wheel on the standard issue (white?!? Dear god are people actually supposed to refrain from touching the machines and instead just feel things about them?) mouse but instead I'm just noticing that my site looks pretty good in Safari. This wasn't always the case especially when this was a Movable Type operation. WordPress looks really good with a very minimal amount of template twiddling. Good work even if it isn't normally a consideration. Also nice to use a lab machine with a tabbed browser included.

As an aside, the browser wars certainly are gearing up again. I had a professor recommend Firefox to me. This is a first and is probably indicative that people are indeed learning that Internet Explorer is not the internet. This probably isn't the best example that I could come up with given that the conversation was about Audioscrobbler but I'll take what I can get. He's a Mac guy too so maybe there's some early adopter leaking into the gene pool.

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  1. You know what they say… once you’ve had Mac you’ll never go back.

  2. Yeah, but I did. I was a Mac owner for many years until it got much cheaper and more flexible to buy junkyard x86 stuff and run Linux on it. I do like visiting with them but they just feel like home anymore despite the BSD underbelly. I always get into those “well, maybe if I had the money” arguments with myself but, really, I’m happier using Linux than I’ve been with either Coke or Pepsi.

  3. I like Linux alot. I think the only good use for a Wintel machine is to wipe the hard drive clean and install Debian on it. But there’s something about Macs that make me go ‘oooooooooooo.’ Maybe because it’s just like Linux with a better GUI? Or maybe it’s just me being a good consumer. Yeah, they are expensive though.

  4. Apple is the entire package to me. It lives upto the hype, I can purchase software in a store, it doesn’t crash and it just plain works. I would also point to the high technolust facter, particularly with my Powerbook.

    If you ever want an Apple let me know… my best friend works for Apple and I will gladly coax him into giving you a discount.

    On the browser side… I installed Firefox on my mom’s system a few weeks ago and thus far she is satisfied. Knowing her, half her office downloaded it last week.

  5. Hmm… Audioscrobbler seems pretty cool. Are you registered there? I looked for “teammurder” and came up empty handed…

  6. Oh, my Audioscrobbler account is actually under goneaway. You can see that I still listen to the same crappy emo and math rock that I always have. Thinking about listening habits because of it is probably a long post in the making.

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