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Hands Up, Who Wants To Die?

I've been trying to avoid talking too much about the election because that shit gets tedious pretty quickly. I am alarmed at the Republican push to fuck with polling. There are too many instances of this to ignore: Ohio, Wisconsin, and other places. Daily Kos has been keeping up with these developments as well as summarizing the incredible amount of 'net polling going on this election. It seems like "battleground states" are being redefined as states where Republicans go and try to directly challenge the legitimacy of voters. I suppose there will too many watching eyes to simply smash and grab the election appointment in family-owned and operated states this time around. This time they'll just destroy the dissenting ballots preemptively instead of dealing with all the messiness of last time because that blatant manipulation apparently hasn't been forgotten. It's a fucking nightmare fueled by *pundits and despair. If society won't do the right thing, it will promptly be vulcanized and the tollbooth will again be knocked down. Again, I am a scared motherfucker.

Oh, I still have invites piling up if you're one of the ten people left in the United States who doesn't have an account already. Just think of all the clamoring three months ago... I'm a little tired of just giving them away to strangers but apparently that's the only answer at the present. There must be six people that I'm at least acqainted with who don't already have accounts, right? Twenty four hours from now (roughly) and they all go into the invite spooler. I just noticed that there are apparently unwanted invites sitting there as well. It's turning into some kind of pound for unwanted invites.

I could really, really use a couple hours of sleep if that isn't apparent by this completely discombobulated post. Fuck spooling Gmail accounts, we really need a spooler for hours of sleep. There is a proposition with some value.

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