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Neutron Bombs Are The New Black

It looks like all of the plague like spread of DNS propagation has done its work and I've been able to see the new home of here from a couple of different networks. That's good since it's been less than twenty four hours since I switched it out. I did feel kind of bad canceling my old hosting account since it's been more than two years after I opened it and I wasn't unhappy with their hosting by any means. PureNRG has been nothing but good to me since the beginning and I hate to leave them but growing pains being what they are. I moved my shit to WebHostingBuzz because it allows me a ludicrous amount of space and bandwidth for less than I was paying per month in the past. It also remains consistent with the "web host must have worst name ever" rule that I've stuck with in the past so I'm pretty happy with that. The full text is back on in all of the feeds and that alone makes me a much happier. I detest being stingy about bandwidth and the 3 gig limitation was beginning to chafe. You won't believe this, but now my pants are beginning to chafe me.

I'm starting to get over the stunned and haggard trance that the election caused many of us who are generally leftist (in my case, a lot left of the majority) but aren't aligned with the Democratic party. This rubs a couple of different way because many folks saw coming out to vote for a Democrat presidential candidate as sort of a compromise to begin with. It was inexplicable to snuggle up to what felt like a centrist safe spot with a dead ringer for the evil doctor in The Re-Animator only to be trounced soundly by the all-Jesus-all-the-time freaks that populate middle America. It won't ever happen again. I was temporarily hypnotized by the shiny, shiny hope that the United States could tear itself away from the crack rock of terrorism and the onslaught of homosexual occupation for ten seconds. I was oh-so utterly wrong. Wrong president, wrong century... I know I'm a little hung up on the idea of not dying of diabetes while the Jesus adherents of Jesusland (which leaves me with a considerable comedic debt to whoever cooked up that near-brilliant map) misunderstand how stem cell research and praise Jesus so loudly and often that we actually have to sneak a neutron bomb into Kansas to silence the continual and collective drone that we're all too familiar with from consulting Romero's Dead trilogy like a divining device for what the next four years are going to be like in the U.S. Nonetheless, I'm so not aligned with the folks who are equally drony about all of us who thought we were compromising with Kerry rolling over to Republican rule by "working together" in some hallucinogenic It's a Small World After All nightmare. Fuck you. I'm a little sorry that it took me this long to snap out of the stupor. Word Soup gets it so why don't the rest of you?

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