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Three Hits From Hell

A couple of things that make life considerably easier:

1. Kitten's Spaminator - I've used a bunch of plugins from MooKitty for dealing with the increasingly messy world of even allowing comments but this is the one that pretty much removes the administrator from the equation. I do have it set to mail me in order to catch potential false positives but otherwise it is automagic. This is pretty much perfect because the volume of crapflooding has gone through the roof over the past couple of weeks. They don't seem to be getting any smarter but the persistence is almost admirable. If you're running WordPress this plugin is pretty much required.

2. Koders is a search engine for source code. It allows you to search by language and license which is nice. Looks like they're going to actually sell the software for internal use in commercial applications but this is already a helluva lot handier than the blunt instrument that Google is for these sorts of searches.

3. Yotoshi is a search engine for torrents and other more legally complicated things. It was formerly called Bitoogle (note to people developing anything search related: don't slap 'oogle' on the end of name of things. The joke is a little old at this point and the main 'oogle' seems a little lawyer happy when it comes to naming) and it looks like (it's been a while since I've used it) they've added KaZaA searches to the toolkit as well. I'm not sure I'd ever use the latter but the torrent search is pretty damn handy.