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Working At Work Is For Chumps

None of the folks that I'm supposed to help with their nebulous problems that can never be reproduced and don't log to the event viewer. That leaves me with time to mess around and the link dump follows.

I really do try to avoid OS News as much as humanly possible because it's generally mean spirited and filled with junk articles that rehash the same "the installer was not very fun" sort of reviews that you can see elsewhere with less blinky advertising causing temporary blindness. This opinion piece about RMS and the GPL is just so breathtakingly clueless that I have to link it up. You really should give it a skim. The use of case sensitivity as an issue for Linux adoption is fantastic. I guess it's either OS News or BBspot for this stuff. At least one of them is intentionally funny. I'm a complete supporter of uplifting the poo.

Although Fuck The South has been linked like mad in places much more often visited than this it is really a piece of art. This is wonderful evidence that a piece of opinion can be angry, scathing, and still function as a deliver mechanism for a cogent train of thought. Ann Coulter might want to learn from this example. Thank you.

MacDevCenter has a pretty interesting article on creating weblogging software with Tk and Perl. This is notable, to me, mainly because it's aimed at a Mac audience. I usually find articles discussing the logic of piecing together components of an application interesting as the process of plunking out little applications to serve a personal purpose is typically more interesting in process than in the results. Unfortunately, only the first part is up which talks almost exclusively about interface and not the core functionality of the application. Hopefully I'll actually remember to check out the next installment no matter how much that runs contrary to the rules of conceivable likelihood.

In a comment attached to a post over at Old New Thing one of Raymond's readers inadvertently answers a question that has annoyed me for a very long time. The "why windows doesn't recognize my USB device if plugged into another port" question that frames the whole post I've long since written off as a simple Windows stupidity as no other operating system I've ever used has been so insistent on lording over PnP hardware but the revelation of the Registry key that allows you to overcome the horrible death trap of USB devices with duplicate serial numbers is good stuff. Rebooting the machine to deal with the problem is completely unacceptable. Dealing with the hardware soup of a Windows environment has really made me think a lot harder about design decisions I make. Besides the money part that might be the only positive aspect of my job.

I've been using some of the OS X machines at work when I'm out on campus and, like now, I don't have any particular agenda. Safari is generally an OK piece of software and seems to have to no problems with some sites that earlier versions of Firefox had trouble with. The functionality is there but some of the design decisions baffle me. Like the lack of an URL preview in the frame of the main application window. Why would you keep that a secret? Are the big league phishers cutting you a check or something? The little tiny back and forward buttons (yes, I'm aware that these are defaults but...) are millimeters away from the close button. That is just bad, bad, bad. Otherwise, I really like the browser. It's as fast as Konqueror and has tabbing which none of the Windows boxes in the student labs do, being stuck on IE and prehistoric versions of Netscape. I'm still not drinking the Kool-Aid but it beats the hell out of XP. It helps that Python is installed on all of them as well.

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