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The Day I Accidentally Extracted A Bad Tooth

I've been overtaken by an attack of laziness this weekend. I am happy to say that all of my machines are now running the 2.6.9 kernel. It's something that I've been procrastinating about for quite a while mainly due to the nvidia driver being such an unholy piece of shit. It looks like most of those problems have been worked out because I only had to compile the kernel for this machine once. This has more to do with my own shortcomings than those of any kernel developer or Gentoo maintainer. There's only so much sympathy you can have with someone who forgets to add USB support to his kernel configuration. Bleh. It is nice to be running an up-to-date stable kernel for the first time in six months or so. I shouldn't be so proud of myself for getting everything working the first time around but I secretly am. Shhhh. Don't tell anyone.

There's an interesting (gasp!) article over at OS News that gives a pretty decent overview of Gambas, a Basic IDE with some common design goals with Visual Basic. I've always been pretty curious about this project and went as far to install it once and promptly forgot all about it until it conflicted with something else I wanted to install and got rid of it. This really makes me wish I had the time right now to play around with it. Maybe Christmas break will be a little less hectic than usual and I can do some fiddling. Go check out the article, though. No matter how much shit I talk about that site they do have some interesting articles on occasion. Just don't read the comments.

I also added a /~ category at the very top of the side panel. That's where all of the contact info and personal shit you wouldn't be interested in will be contained. Feel free to annoy the fuck out of me so I can add you to my ignore/ban list.

For some reason I feel like I've seen Good Logo before but I have no idea when or why. I love sites like this that basically geek out on any topic other than technology or politics. I'm sort of a logo freak myself although I disagree with many of their top rated logos -- Sussy?!. I still enjoy reading other people's reasons for appreciating things as over designed and overtly commercial as logo design/typography. There is still far much printer lurking under my skin. I might just be easily amused.

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