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I Should Just Title This ‘Spacer.gif’

There has been entirely too much studying in my life this week and a lot of other things that are a lot more interesting shoved aside in order to cram in things that I wanted removed from my brain and incinerated as soon as possible. Disinterest is sinking in.

I finally got Evolution 2 working after wrangling with a whole mess of decidedly unhelpful error messages. The trick? You need to add the port number to the mail host listing. This is just plain weird behavior since 110 is pretty standard for POP3, no? The weirder part is that all of this stuff worked without adjustment in the 1.x versions and another account that uses IMAP works just fine without any tweaking whatsoever. Feature? Bug? On the upside of things, Evolution seems much quicker in its newer form, doesn't get all crashy when I'm speed deleting spam (what happens when you point too many domains to a single mail address -- no filtering is ever going to keep up with it all), and plays nice alongside the older version so if I do get annoyed with the differences I can always go back to 1.x temporarily and know that the little migration wizard will show up to synch everything up. The funny part is that I really use Evolution as a mail client and the new button interface works out great for me because I never have to use any of them and it keeps all of the other crap out of the way.

Someone mentioned Darwinia to me a couple days ago. The site doesn't really have much of interest up at the moment and the description manages to hit some of the buzzwords but... Well, the screenshots are certainly pretty. I did adore Uplink so this one might lure me in as well especially if they don't use that stupid black on black printing method for the registration numbers. Print that shit on a sticker and put that sticker on the jewel case. That way I don't lose the stupid registration grid and hate your company for making it trivially easy to type up the grid. Grrr...treat me like a pirate and I will fast become one. Guess that should be an Arrr and somebody should be walking a plank.

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